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UIC Tower by Walter Netsch

Yes, boys and girls, this is why they called it “brutalism”.

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Engineering cultural significance

Recently I got to watch a video of Thom Mayne lecturing at UIC. What really grabbed me, however, was a statement that our school’s director, Bob Somol, made while introducing the speaker: No one is more surprised [than Thom] that … Continue reading

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Libertarianism redux

After reading the answer from Steve from to my earlier post on libertarianism (here), I thought my answer really deserved a separate post. My general problem with libertarianism isn’t that it seeks to expand the scope of individual freedom … Continue reading

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Handed in my Theory project today, together with a presentation for Technology, and managed to be no more than 15 minutes late to Structures with my homework. Hooray for me! This semester’s studio is a refreshing change from last semester’s, … Continue reading

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More deep thoughts on libertarianism

It just won’t let me go. I promised myself I’d give it up, but here it is – I think I’ve arrived at a sort of a synthesis of my previous two posts on the subject: Libertarians are looking for … Continue reading

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