Monthly Archives: February 2009

Paper and glue

Well, strictly speaking posterboard (with bits of basswood thrown in for good measure):

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One more of my favorite Walter Netsch building

The man really had a talent for the awful, but you can’t deny the fact that this thing is imposing, any way you look at it:

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Couple of shots from my commute

This is by way of a follow-up to my long-abandoned Warsaw public transport project (Blue Line El, Chicago, IL):

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25 things I am not or have not done, or that haven’t happened to my family or anyone I know

I thought I’d post it here, too, just in case anyone actually looks in. The rules: You do not have to write a similar note or to send it to anyone else. You don’t even have to read these. I … Continue reading

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Architectural screaming

If Renaissance architecture could be compared to music, today’s can often be heard screeching, and screeching about itself, to boot. What else is a Gehry Bilbao, a NRA Shipping and Transport College or an OMA CCTV other than a scream … Continue reading

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