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Back to the drawing board

Just got done with my midterm review – a lot of good feedback, but it looks like I’ll have to start pretty much from scratch. The project is live-work housing for artists. One thing I think I’ll keep is the … Continue reading

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Architectural project

I’ve been thinking what my long-term architectural project could be. I don’t care much about form, except as the icing on the functional cake, so to speak. Then again bad icing can spoil a perfectly decent cake. Though I’ve often … Continue reading

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D’Arcy Thompson Strikes Back

Having ridiculed the  literal treatment of D’Arcy Thompson’s esoteric ideas about form on several occasions (not to mention attempts to apply them directly in architecture), I was somewhat dumbstruck when I saw this: Our world may be a giant hologram … Continue reading

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Lebbeus Woods on authenticity

Another star performance by Lebbeus Woods: “Architecture has become more popular today than ever before. Its popularity does not come from the ways it improves the everyday lives of most people—as modernists like Gropius once hoped it would—but rather because … Continue reading

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