The Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist

Today I went to a lecture on Harry Weese by Robert Bruegmann. Lots of interesting biographical info on one of Chicago’s least appreciated architectural greats, and got a chance to see the interior of Weese’s rotund Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist. I thought the main hall would be more angular and direct than it is, […]


Had my midterm review on Friday. Despite what looked like an impending disaster, I managed to survive it more or less unscathed. The semester’s studio, with  SOM’s Ross Wimer and UIC’s own Julie Flohr, is all about parametric modeling. We are learning to use Gehry Technologies’ Digital Project, a version of Dassault Systems’ CATIA. However, […]

The problem with free

I came across an interesting essay recently that sheds a bit of light on why free/open source software hasn’t been more widely adopted in production environments. I’ve been using Inkscape, Blender and Gimp for much of my design work this semester, and I have to say Frederic Brooks nails it in his software development magnum […]