More Blue Line

On my way from school last night, I noticed how a snow drift had changed a typical el track into a fantastic confluence of curves:

Snow-drift curves

Then I was fascinated by the way the simple dot and line of the train seat struggled for dominance with the sweeping pattern of the upholstery:

Dot-and-line vs pattern

Finally, I was bowled over by the hard tectonic quality of the handrail mount:

Hard tectonic

Oh, the majesty of it all.

Published by Simon

Born in 1968, I was tragically not recognized as a genius until three years later, when I built and flew my first home-made aircraft. Since then, my life has been a string of major successes interspersed with what can only be called triumphs on a galactic scale. I am currently waiting to achieve my next one - should be ready in another 15 minutes or so. Bear with me...

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