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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m thinking of continuing the alley project by analyzing various aspects of what makes the alleys so fascinating. I’ve been thinking of a number of possibilities. Here’s the initial list:

  • Platforms (decks, porches, balconies, etc.)
  • Barriers (fences, warning signs)
  • Cul de sacs (spaces between buildings, cubby holes of various types)
  • Materiality
  • Signs of life (toys, abandoned objects, sports equipment, stuff for outdoor living)

I’m going to continue thinking about these categories as I push the project forward, but for now they seem like a good start to focus my work.

The second issue is how to take this from being a purely photographic project and to start working on the architectural possibilities it suggests. I’m thinking I’ll start by analyzing the graphic relationships in the pictures themselves, then possibly going on to looking at the spaces more objectively (maybe using satellite photos for reference).

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

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