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Flamingo Fever

Calder’s masterpiece, unwrapped three ways: I think this is a good start to a series about Chicago’s public art. There is certainly plenty to work with, not only in the Loop. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll … Continue reading

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Under the El Tracks

First sun we’ve had for a while, but since I wasn’t downtown, I had to settle for el tracks. I’m making progress – my improving ability to plan the framing has made the images somewhat easier to read, and the … Continue reading

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New cameras

I got out to take the first batch of images with the new cameras. The smaller pinholes (around 0.2mm) are clearly sharper than the last batch. I’m getting a bit more vignetting due to the lower ratio between hole size … Continue reading

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Loops of the Loop

Or loops-de-Loop, so to speak. Full circle. I think I may be on to something, even if it’s still hard to see in these. And oh, yes, please pardon the dust. I will make all efforts to eradicate it in … Continue reading

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So I’ve been playing with anamorphic panoramic pinhole cameras, and I’m starting to get passable results. This time, just as an experiment I re-wrapped the strip image to polar coordinates, which basically restored it to something resembling a normal view. … Continue reading

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