WTF America?

Damn I’m angry. Not so much at the Fascist Orange Clown who has been president of this country for the last 12 days,

but at the stupidity of his supporters, who are apparently willing to overlook any vileness for a doubtful feeling of security. People who wrap themselves in the flag seem to love the idea of Trump’s crew of Neanderthals trampling the very thing that makes this country a place where people want to live more than others, all in the name of safety.

It’s the liberty from persecution, stupid!

Yes, I know – the Indian genocide, yes, slavery, yes, the Chinese Exclusion Act, yes, Japanese internment camps. Yes, I know all that and more. Still, shockingly perhaps despite all that, in terms of respect for individual rights, the United States has done better than most world powers throughout history, especially during and after World War II. That’s mostly why we, or our ancestors, ended up here.

As a sailor in the US Navy during the first Gulf War and a National Guard soldier during my first stint in college, I can make some claim to having sacrificed a bit of my freedom for the common cause of liberty. The witless buffoon who became president on Jan. 20 is making a joke of that, and whether they realize it or not, of the much more serious sacrifices made by past and current members of our services. The fact that their flaunting of the Constitution appears to have the strong approval of the American public only shows me that perhaps the time has come when Americans are ready to give up their rights that so many have fought to preserve. And that really burns me up.

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  1. Jesus says:

    You’re a fucking retard and a disgrace to the uniform of the Navy

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