Public Spaces and Art

The public art/spaces panorama project is de facto on hold, along with the rest of my photography, while I devote my time to studying for my architectural license exams and steaming over the destruction of America by Orange Murder Clown (thanks, Alistair). Still, I wanted to sum up the progress so far, and I thought my extended show at Les Nereides (108 N State St, Chicago) would be a good benchmark:

There are also a couple I didn’t have the space to show that I thought weren’t half-bad:

This being Chicago, there’s plenty to choose from, and plenty to revisit. Now if it wasn’t for those pesky licensing exams…

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Born in 1968, I was tragically not recognized as a genius until three years later, when I built and flew my first home-made aircraft. Since then, my life has been a string of major successes interspersed with what can only be called triumphs on a galactic scale. I am currently waiting to achieve my next one - should be ready in another 15 minutes or so. Bear with me...
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