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Born in 1968, I was tragically not recognized as a genius until three years later, when I built and flew my first home-made aircraft. Since then, my life has been a string of major successes interspersed with what can only be called triumphs on a galactic scale. I am currently waiting to achieve my next one - should be ready in another 15 minutes or so. Bear with me...

Workshop notes, 20170320

Got some encouraging results testing the prototype camera for the Compound Yellow workshop. Continue reading

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Workshop notes, pt. 1

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll be keeping an open notebook here as I stumble through experiments ahead of a workshop I’ll be holding on April 30 at Compound Yellow in Oak Park. Continue reading

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El Tracks Revisited

I wasn’t happy with the images I showed in this post, so I decided to rescan them on my new/old Epson 4990 in 16 bits, and processed in Darktable to bring out detail in the shadows. The negatives are the … Continue reading

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WTF America?

Damn I’m angry. Not so much at the Fascist Orange Clown who has been president of this country for the last 12 days, but at the stupidity of his supporters, who are apparently willing to overlook any vileness for a … Continue reading

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Flamingo Fever

Calder’s masterpiece, unwrapped three ways: I think this is a good start to a series about Chicago’s public art. There is certainly plenty to work with, not only in the Loop. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll … Continue reading

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