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Close to the ground

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After years of seeing it from across the river, I finally made it to Arata Isozaki’s graceful Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Kraków. A quiet, understated gem of a building. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures … Continue reading

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Throwback Alley

These pictures remind me of my alleys project, but they’re mostly a formal exercise and a warm-up with a larger-format camera. Still, something might come of them in the future. For now, I just hope you enjoy them.

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Lines and fields, or back to the basics

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Film’s not dead

Well, rolled out some of the newer 120 Tri-X (I have half a brick of the stuff that’s been outdated since 1984, but that’s not a subject for polite company), and I still love the stuff. Here’s a small sampling: … Continue reading

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