Under the El Tracks

First sun we’ve had for a while, but since I wasn’t downtown, I had to settle for el tracks. I’m making progress – my improving ability to plan the framing has made the images somewhat easier to read, and the exposures are within some reasonable range. The subject matter isn’t quite as all-enveloping as Loop architecture, but shooting under the tracks has allowed me to fill the frame much better than I would have been able to in most of the city.

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New cameras

I got out to take the first batch of images with the new cameras. The smaller pinholes (around 0.2mm) are clearly sharper than the last batch. I’m getting a bit more vignetting due to the lower ratio between hole size and stock thickness, but it’s still pretty manageable.

Just for grins, here are cameras 1 and 3 in action:

Testing… #chicity_shots #chicago #pinhole #pinholephotography #pinholecamera

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Red on red #chicity_shots #chicago #pinhole #pinholephotography #pinholecamera

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In terms of images, I’m not too elated about the results. I’m most disappointed about the third one, shot under the Calder sculpture on Federal Plaza. I was hoping for a more monumental view and a more recognizable Flamingo. Then again, a big part of the fun with these images is that they surprise me. The curved geometry of the negative makes it very hard to previsualize anything, especially that I’ve decided not to consciously control where the frame begins and ends.

Tomorrow I’m going to test out yet another, more complex camera. Stay tuned.

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Loops of the Loop

Or loops-de-Loop, so to speak. Full circle. I think I may be on to something, even if it’s still hard to see in these. And oh, yes, please pardon the dust. I will make all efforts to eradicate it in the future.

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So I’ve been playing with anamorphic panoramic pinhole cameras, and I’m starting to get passable results. This time, just as an experiment I re-wrapped the strip image to polar coordinates, which basically restored it to something resembling a normal view. The first image is what I got from the camera, the second I got by remapping it to polar coordinates:

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Going Anamorphic

Help, my worldview has been distorted!

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