Film’s not dead

Well, rolled out some of the newer 120 Tri-X (I have half a brick of the stuff that’s been outdated since 1984, but that’s not a subject for polite company), and I still love the stuff. Here’s a small sampling:

I also developed the last of my junk drawer 120 rolls, and found some multiple exposures (along the lines of these I did a long time ago in 35mm in Warsaw). Here are some of the better ones:

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Hassy’s back

A couple of days ago I developed some old 120 film I had sitting in my junk drawer, including some shots of Studio Gang’s WMS Boathouse at Clark Park. Most of it is pretty forgettable, but I do like this shot quite a bit:

After seeing this, I decided to dust off the ol’ Hassy. I’ll be posting the results soonish. After all the squigglies I’ve been playing with for the past few years, this is a refreshing throwback to the basics.

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Dead, dry remnants of once thriving life, or nature taking a break to charge up for its eventual rebirth? You decide. I just make pictures.

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I love the sheen of sunlight on a dark surface, be it asphalt, weathered steel or even plastic. There’s something magical in the patterns of the everyday world, the stuff we glance over every day, and there’s nothing better to reveal the magic than late fall sunlight.


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Public Spaces and Art

The public art/spaces panorama project is de facto on hold, along with the rest of my photography, while I devote my time to studying for my architectural license exams and steaming over the destruction of America by Orange Murder Clown (thanks, Alistair). Still, I wanted to sum up the progress so far, and I thought my extended show at Les Nereides (108 N State St, Chicago) would be a good benchmark:

There are also a couple I didn’t have the space to show that I thought weren’t half-bad:

This being Chicago, there’s plenty to choose from, and plenty to revisit. Now if it wasn’t for those pesky licensing exams…

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