Film’s not dead

Well, rolled out some of the newer 120 Tri-X (I have half a brick of the stuff that’s been outdated since 1984, but that’s not a subject for polite company), and I still love the stuff. Here’s a small sampling:

I also developed the last of my junk drawer 120 rolls, and found some multiple exposures (along the lines of these I did a long time ago in 35mm in Warsaw). Here are some of the better ones:

Hassy’s back

A couple of days ago I developed some old 120 film I had sitting in my junk drawer, including some shots of Studio Gang’s WMS Boathouse at Clark Park. Most of it is pretty forgettable, but I do like this shot quite a bit:

After seeing this, I decided to dust off the ol’ Hassy. I’ll be posting the results soonish. After all the squigglies I’ve been playing with for the past few years, this is a refreshing throwback to the basics.