Behind the Facade, formal studies

Here’s an attempt to distill some of the formal qualities of the alley photos – unlike the first try, this one done manually. I like this better, but I’m not sure if it has the punch of the high-contrast dropout images. Once again, if you have anything approaching an opinion on these, don’t hesitate to […]

Behind the facade, first distillation

I started playing around with the images I shot yesterday, in an attempt to reach for the gist of what has been attracting me to these spaces. The first thing that came to mind is to distill them by dropping all color information, including tone. I lost some of them in the process, but I […]

Project categories

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m thinking of continuing the alley project by analyzing various aspects of what makes the alleys so fascinating. I’ve been thinking of a number of possibilities. Here’s the initial list: Platforms (decks, porches, balconies, etc.) Barriers (fences, warning signs) Cul de sacs (spaces between buildings, cubby holes of various types) Materiality […]

Just what you wanted – more alleys!

As usual, here’s a map of the day’s walk. Not much to say, really – still trying to find a focus for the project. Right now I’m leaning towards distilling five-six themes and exploring them in depth in five clearly defined locations in the city. But I have a feeling I need to get out […]