Rothbard’s folly

Note: For those of you with a low tolerance for long-winded arguments and poor off-the cuff writing, I’ve summarized this post here: Please read that instead. I’m keeping this post only for the sake of chronological accuracy. At the recommendation of my friend Steve I’ve been reading Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty: The […]

Reply to my friend Steve

I still haven’t read the book you recommended, but I’d like to explain one thing – what I meant when I said libertarians believed that markets could be “magically” free. I understand your point about free-market mechanisms balancing things out, both in theory and in most cases in practice. However, there are other factors that […]

Libertarianism redux

After reading the answer from Steve from to my earlier post on libertarianism (here), I thought my answer really deserved a separate post. My general problem with libertarianism isn’t that it seeks to expand the scope of individual freedom – this I wholeheartedly agree with. Rather, it’s the fact that libertarians have limited the […]

More deep thoughts on libertarianism

It just won’t let me go. I promised myself I’d give it up, but here it is – I think I’ve arrived at a sort of a synthesis of my previous two posts on the subject: Libertarians are looking for a maximum of liberty for the individual. However, if liberty is understood as a lack […]