Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago by Walter Netsch

Not as hard-core as the UIC buildings I’ve covered in the past (also here, here and here), the Regenstein Library’s main architectural moves are the concrete elevation and the two staircases – the main one serving all floors and another serving the second and third floor reading rooms. Unusually for Netsch, the building sports quite […]

Localized paintings

The site-specific painting projects of Georges Rousse and Felice Varini were just brought to my attention by Matt Meissner, colleague and tireless source of arty curios on The Operable Window blog. Frankly, I couldn’t resist joining in the fun – so here is my contribution to the discourse: The question is – who’s buying the […]

UIC University Hall

Today I took a stroll through the University Hall tower. I don’t know what to say – as usual for ol’ Walter, behind the horrendous edifice there are some really fascinating moments. Still, it’s a lot less mind-bending than his field theory buildings. The real surprise was the Provost’s office on the 28th floor – […]

UIC Science and Engineering South

This is the last of a series on Walter Netsch‘s field theory based creations at UIC – the Science and Engineering South building. Previous posts feature the Arts and Architecture and Behavioral Sciences Building. One problem I’ve noticed that the documentary value of the photographs is somewhat reduced by their focus on the “interesting” bits, […]