Zago films

On Wednesday, Andrew Zago showed his slit-camera-like films of Detroit. I spent the entire lecture trying to figure out how he made them, and though I was on the right track it turned out I had not exactly understood what he had done – I had imagined him doing a whole series of slit-camera exposures, when he actually used a video camera as a huge array of slit cameras. Now, one conversation with Zago later, I’m confident enough of my understanding to present this diagram, for anyone who might be interested (I’m assuming a camera with an 800-pixel wide matrix, but I’m not sure of the actual value):

Zago film diagram

Hard to keep up

Last week was a bit hellish, with a paper on Reiser and Umemoto’s dreadfully written Atlas of Novel Tectonics due today. Somehow I survived, but I’ve got things piling up in the next couple of weeks – next week’s studio midterm review not the least of them. Over and out.

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