Busy, busy, busy

With upwards of 20 pages of essays to write and a design project that I don’t entirely yet understand to produce before December 11, I’m finding it very difficult to build any continuity of thought here.

I’ve finally figured out how to post video to the page, so here’s a recent animation I made with Jared Macken – it’s just a bunch of “diagram” animations. I put the word “diagram” in quotes, because I have serious doubts about the way these things are supposed to function – Paul says they are diagrams of “areas of intensity” that then should be reworked into an architecture that doesn’t necessarily follow their form. However, when pressed about it he suggested to nearly everyone I spoke with to just generate form direcly from them. I’m not sure how useful this technique is for making diagrams of buildings other than modern-day Labirynths.

[flv:http://cygielski.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/neg_blue_sm.flv 480 360]