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The city needs public space, but public space that provides a focus for activity, and not simply undifferentiated square footage. The BFT proposes to cut away space that under the unpredictable economic conditions of the foreseeable future would not be fully utilized anyway, and to turn it into entertainment and recreation space that will attract people to it. This will provide an economic stimulus for the cultural and commercial program that remains.
The public space not only draws people to the building, but also creates new conditions by interacting with its “regular” program: auditorium, office and hotel. For instance, by providing views of people enjoying recreational activities to office workers and vice versa, it alters the experience on both sides of the divide.



As usual, everything is copylefted (cc-by-nc). Enjoy.

Added Dec. 15: here’s what my final display looked like (virtual golfer for scale only):


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  1. I don’t know why I’m looking at this while I should be finishing my tech paper, but your project looks really really great here

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