Semester wrap-up pt. 2

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One of the more unusual classes was a tech elective with Doug Garafolo, in which we were supposed to design and build a prototype of a freely selected object that somehow related to architecture. I came up with a modular shelving unit that can in theory be expanded indefinitely – using only one panel and one connector type. Here’s the basic idea, though I admit originally I was going to go with some type of white plastic for the panels:

And a couple of views of the prototype:

I see something like this used both as a standard shelf and a room divider-slash-storage space:

Comments, good or bad, definitely welcome.

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  1. I like the building a lot, looks very modern, if somehow a bit generic… the thing that worries me the most, as I am the acoustics-freak is how all the apartment is always connected to another one… no chance for escaping noisy neighbours… One more thing – I do believe that appartments should be planned more like squares instead of very long rectangles. It seems to create a space with better communication and more flexibility when arranging the interior. Or am I old-fashioned?

    I like the shelving unit a lot, it looks great, especially when you allow to paint every side/panel in a different color, this and the flexibility of shapes is something that allows a creative process on the user’s side – simple and great. I only wonder how exactly those panels are connected?

    Great work anyway, I hope the third year will bring something with a special individual spark, because technically it’s already there:)

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